Twin West Court Reporting, LLC

We strive to exceed your expectation of court reporting services, while maintaining the highest standard of quality at a competitive price. Our mission is to provide extraordinary reliability and professionalism. We with a national court reporting network and have reporters in every major city in the U.S. and worldwide. Twin West Reporting has highly skilled court reporters who are veterans in the court reporting industry, as well as reporters who hold the highest certifications possible through the National Court Reporters Association. Schedule your next deposition with confidence.

 Case Management

*On the day prior to the job, we email you a scheduling confirmation to confirm the job details
*Online access for you and your team
*24/7 repository to view and download all your transcript and exhibits
*On-time reporters
*On-time transcripts
*Certified Legal Video Specialists

Online Case Repository

We understand the time pressures involved in litigation. We maintain all your deposition transcripts and exhibits in a secure online repository that you can access as many times as you need, 24/7, from any Internet computer. The repository is very easy to use.  All sides to the case will have the exhibits, which were marked during the day’s deposition, uploaded into our repository within a day of the proceeding and available well before the transcript is completed.

 Deponent Testimonial

“During the last few weeks I have been able to see other depos. OMG…layout is terrible, so many pages with double spacing. You are the best!!!! I love how I was able to read, with clarity your layout. You are really good. How you were able to ‘hear’ everyone, get all the information onto paper, it’s amazing.
I have referred you to other attorneys and have shown your way of presenting the information. If I get into another situation, you will be contacted!
You are blessed with a great talent and professional skills. Awesome.”
–Feedback from a Deponent